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Conferencing Operation

A user who can start and manage conferences is known as a moderator. Users who join Link Conferencing are known as participants.

Once you have subscribed to Link Conferencing, you will be provided with the following information.

  • The access telephone numbers
  • Your moderator code
  • A participant code associated with your moderator code

The moderator code is your identifier as a user of the Link Conferencing service. You should not disclose it to anyone else, to prevent unauthorized use of your service.

You will need to provide the access telephone number and participant code to the people who will be taking part in your conferences.

You can start a conference at any time, by dialling the Link Conferencing telephone number and identifying yourself by dialling your moderator code. Other participants can then join your conference by dialling the Link Conferencing telephone number and then dialling your participant code. Participants who try to join before you have dialled in will hear on-hold music until you join and the conference starts.

When the conference has started, you can do the following.

  • Check details of who is currently in the conference.
  • Control whether announcements are played when participants join or leave the call.
  • Mute your phone so that you are not heard in the conference, mute participants' phones so that you are the only speaker, and unmute phones as required.

  • Change the volume level at which each participant's phone is played into the conference, to balance the sound levels between different speakers.

  • Lock the conference so that no further participants can join.
  • Start or stop recording of the conference.
  • Call conference participants to invite them into the conference; this is known as out dial. You do not need to do this if a participant has the participant code and will dial in.

  • Remove a participant from the conference.
  • End the conference.
  • You must use a telephone that includes the * key.


Tools for Managing Conferences

You can choose between the following tools to manage your conferences:

The Telephone Admin Interface provides basic control of an active conference from your telephone keypad. The telephone navigation numbers are as follows:

DialAction - Moderator
*1Out dial call^
*2Mute or unmute moderator
*3Lock or unlock conference
*4Roll call of participants
*5Count of participants
*6Joining announcements on or off
*7Name of last participant to join
*8Recording on or off
*9Mute or unmute all participants

^ For Out dial calls, dial participant’s number then #. Hear instructions or press # to skip. Wait for call to be connected. Dial ‘1’ to bring participant into conference or dial ‘*’ to abandon out dial and return to the conference. See the Telephone Navigation Map for a quick reference.

Note that those that participate in your conference will have the following control from their keypad.

DialAction – End User
*2Mute or unmute phone
*9Alert moderator while muted^

^ The Moderator must be using the Web Interface.

The Moderator Web Interface provides a visual display of information about an active conference and provides more detailed control of individual conference participants. It also allows you to manage general options for all conferences and provides access to the stored history of past conferences and conference recordings. The Moderator Web Interface can be found at this link

The Conference Widget provides control of the current conference in a small quick-access display that you can install in a number of third-party toolbars and portals. It provides a full range of functions, including some features available only on the Conference Widget, such as integration with the LinkMe portal and the ability to start a conference without dialing in. The Conference Widget is available for download at and you can use the Conference Widget in the following environments:

  • Google Calendar
  • Microsoft Windows Vista Sidebar
  • Microsoft Windows 7
  • Mac OS X Dashboard

For further information consult the Link Conferencing End User Guide.

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